Because windshields are a life-saving device, quality pays and does not cost any more. In fact, it may be cheaper as clients of Auto Glass Fountain Hills claim. This industry leader uses only the highest quality glass, the best adhesive and trained certified technicians for all their affordable repair or replacement work. Before drivers put their lives and their passengers’ lives in someone’s hands, they should insist on these three things.


Quality Parts


Auto Glass Fountain HillsAuto Glass Fountain Hills uses only qualified replacement parts and recommended adhesive. Glass is part of the structural integrity of cars and trucks; in fact, windshields support 50% or more of the weight of the vehicle in rollover accidents. The auto glass holds the roof in place. Therefore, safety starts with the right replacement part. However, if the adhesive securing windshield to the frame is the wrong type or old, the glass pops out under a small amount of pressure. As long as the windshield stays where it is designed to be, people remain inside vehicles and passenger airbags deploy properly protecting lives. Otherwise, the passenger airbags knock the windshields out and escape through this space.


Certified Repair Technicians


Although these repairs seem easy, safety depends on the right repair or installation process. Organizations like National Glass Associations and Arizona Glass Association have special training classes. These classes teach the importance of keeping glass free from contaminants like oil and dirt during installation, the right applications, additional parts and curing times. Training includes repairing chipped and cracked pieces as well as replacing broken panels. The Auto Glass Repair Fountain Hills repairs require cleaning the glass, applying a resin product to the chip or crack and sealing the area with heat.


Industry Leader


This Windshield Replacement Fountain Hills company is family owned and operated. More important, the owner is known as the president and founder of the Arizona Glass Association. Not only does this company want customers for life, they offer a 100% lifetime guarantee on all work. If the automobile owner has insurance that covers the replacement, that customer does not pay any additional money. To make it even easier, the free mobile service lets technicians to do the repairs at the clients’ homes or places of business. With an easy-to-use website, people can ask questions, request quotes or schedule appointments 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Knowing that damaged glass is a life-threatening problem and people need their vehicles, this company responds quickly to all repair requests.


The glass in automobiles is much more than a transparent panel to see through. This clear substance provides structural strength to the vehicle and keeps the people inside safe and secure. Before any repair or replacement is done, the driver needs to verify the business uses quality parts, certified technicians and is a leader in the industry. Since he or she is counting on this company to protect the lives of everyone inside the freedom mobile, the driver cannot be too careful. Auto Glass Fountain Hills knows this and proudly displays its competency for everyone to see.

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